Monday, 17 March 2014

What Makes A Good Cafe | How Do You Know If You Have Stepped Into A Good Cafe

There has been many cafes popping out around our tiny island Singapore and thus, how do you know if you have found yourself a good cafe? What are the characteristics of a good cafe that makes them stand out among the rest? Well, if you are planning to set up a cafe or are a cafe owner, you would definitely want to read this! Also, if you are a very particular and value high quality customer, you would not want to miss out on this blogpost ;) This blog is here to inform you on what constitutes to a good cafe and what I feel makes a good cafe good :)

For people who work on-the-go, having a strong wifi signal and fast connection is definitely a top priority when looking for new cafes to visit. Providing reliable wifi may mean a smaller turnover, but when people stay longer, it could mean a higher spendings per table. Providing free wifi also makes customers enjoy their time more as they could be reading up about your cafe and reviews of your cafe online. And as many Singaporeans have stepped onto the Instagram bandwagon, having free wifi allows them to take pictures and simultaneously upload it online hence providing free publicity for your cafe ;)

Aromatic Good Coffee
When we think of cafes what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Coffee isn’t it? Yes, being able to produce a good aromatic cup of cuppa is definitely a way of getting customers in. Gone are the days when cafes can just make do with instant mixes or a lousy machine that produces an even lousier brew. Serve good coffee and you are on your way to seal loyalty. Oh, latte art is optional but very much encouraged as who doesn’t like a pretty picture in their coffee?

Comfort Food
When customers have their coffee, they would definitely want to balance it out or complement it with some food. Serve up comfort food, pastries, or cakes that provides a comforting tastes that customers are familiar with. Also, the pricing of food and drinks are very important and could possibly make or break a cafe. Do remember to serve good food without having customers to  break the bank.

Decoration/ Interior of Cafe
Having a warm, comforting interior is one of the main highlights of a cafe and it is the interior and design that makes it different from other cafes. Decorate your cafe nicely and I’m sure many people would want to come visit it; Taking pictures would also be on their to-do list at your cafe :)This helps promote your cafe, attracting more people to come in.

Create a space that is comfortable, can be used as a sociable gathering spot away from home and work.

Comfortable furniture
When people visit cafes, they have to be seated and some cafes purposely choose hard chairs and uncomfortable furniture so that customers would quickly finish their food and leave so that the cafe can have a higher turnover rate. This however may not be the wisest decision. Having a comfortable atmosphere with comfortable chairs would allow people to enjoy their food more and this could allow them to enjoy their cafe experience to a greater level, ensuring that customers would visit a second, third and many more times!

Good Service
In a cafe, people are looking for a chill, relaxing experience so that they can get away from the hussle and bustle of life. Providing good service is a real turn on for most customers that could determine their chances of returning to your cafe. Good service ultimately produces happier, more satisfied customers and this would increase customer loyalty too!

So cafe owners, you know what to do to increase that turnover rate of yours and cafe hoppers out there, do look out for these qualities in cafes and happy cafe hopping :)

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